REVIEW: The Quest for the Time Bird TPB

STORY BY Serge Le Tendre, ART BY Regis Loisel, COVER BY Regis Loisel, PUBLISHER Titan Comics

It is not too often I find a book that completely immerses you in its world.  I felt for a lot of the characters in this one and right off the bat with the small creature getting killed right in the beginning.  Titan Comics has been coming up with some great writers and books lastly and this is counted among them.  I love the art and how it sort of reminded me of a darker Brave story.  Now I know you’re saying “Hey just because she had red hair…” and no it’s not because of that, it’s because she makes you feel for her and her world.  She, like the Disney character, was just trying to do right by her Mother and her world and for that I was invested.  The show of any good writer is to make your reader want to keep reading and in this 200+ page TPB that was just the case.  Now I would love to see more and I am sure there are more stories.  But I would like to see more of the outside characters and some day-to-day items.  Normally that’s not the case in single issue books you want the story to move forward and keep going.  But I could see multiple avenues and I wanted to pursue them!

I give it a 5/5 and I would give it more if I could.  I now need to track this book down and add it to my collection and put money towards these guys!  I also would love to see what inspired them to create this world and fill it with unique items and mysticism.  And I want a small pet creature like hers!!!

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