REVIEW: The Shadow Vol. 2 #1

STORY BY Cullen Bunn
ART BY Giovanni Timpano
COVER BY Jackson Guice
PUBLISHER Dynamite Entertainment
RELEASE DATE Aug 5th, 2015

I love The Shadow. I have books from DC, Dark Horse and of course Dynamite Comics. I own a paperback book by Maxwell Grant called, The Shadow: The Living Shadow. I even like the Alec Baldwin movie. Yes I am a fan.

This issue starts as an introduction to the new volume, laying the ground work and recaps previous issues to bring new readers up to speed. It seems that the Society of United Magicians is up to their old tricks again still on the trail of a lost and powerful secret. The Shadow is on their trail, trying to stop said secret, which Houdini took to the grave, from getting out.

Written by veteran Cullen Bunn, whose previous work includes work for Marvel, DC and IDW, this story does what every issue one needs to do. Given that The Shadow’s world is that of the pulps, Bunn does well to create that image. Plot wise, there is the introduction to the villain, recap pages and a brief introduction to The Shadow himself. I have to admit, I do prefer The Shadow when he is skulking about or in disguises, but am willing to put this to one side, whilst I see how the story plays out.

Art is by Giovanni Timpano who has been with The Shadow for quite some time. His artwork fits the pulp genre well and it seems clear that the work speaks for itself, the energy and motion through the panels and pages of a man who loves working with this character. There is flair for the Society of United Magicians, the séance scene is equally well handled. Again, I am not used to seeing The Shadow as front and centre as he is in this story, but this is only the first issue.

Historically, The Shadow has taken on seemingly stronger villains than the Magicians. Today, the pulp era depictions of the Tong or Triads would probably cause offence. So Bunn has this new evil crowd and I am kind of thinking this is what it must have felt like when Marvel brought back Captain America when World War 2 was over. Was there a place in the world for a uber patriot? Granted, The Shadow may not be as recognisable a character as Cap, but the problems of the strength of enemies may be his undoing.

Remember, “the weed of poor comic books, bears bitter reviews ha haha h ha….”

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