REVIEW: The Sheriff Of Babylon #6

Written by Tim King, Art by Mitch Gerads, published by Vertigo, edited by Shelly Long.

Too subtle? Well fuck DC. If Miss Long managed to get this out there and no one was buying fuck the fans too. This is a good comic, despite not having the accursed re-cap page I could at least follow what was going out even though I didn’t have much context the atmosphere carried it all off perfectly.

There’s several stories going on here, the one that sticks out for me is the American cop and the stand-off sequence, you can cut the tension with a knife. The other story seems to have a lot more going on for it as a young lady seems to be trying to get to the bottom of someone who attacked her, but you can feel her frustration. The American posturing, the Iraqis nodding politely wishing they would just fuck off. Must be a bit like that in the Superman offices at times.

The writing is unbelievably authentic, no artificial posturing, unseeded humour and very notably a good handle on when to swear and when not to, something the mid nineties could have done with. The characters all feel well-studied and it’s scary to think that there are American Generals out there like the bellend in this comic.

The rough line work doesn’t forget detail and the expressions, backgrounds and setting are all depicted with subtlety, making you look at the page and read the simple but elegant panel layout. It uses “Calafonia colouring” as well which is apt for the middle Eastern setting.

Great comic, I will be getting this. I especially liked the page featuring the twat throwing innocent people to the lions. Too subtle?

ART BY Mitch Gerads
COLORS BY Mitch Gerads
LETTERS BY Travis Lanham
COVER BY John Paul Leon

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