REVIEW: The Steam Man #4

The Steam Man Chapter #4
Story by Joe R. Lansdale
Script by Mark Alan Miller
Art by Piotr Kowalski
Published by Dark Horse Comics

The Steam Man is about this giant steamed powered robot and its fateful crew fighting off the Dark Rider and his army of Moorlocks. As Captain Beadle leads his crew against the Dark Rider he finds himself overwhelmed by the enemy forces closing in from different sides. Finally the Steam Man is taken down when the Dark Rider wraps a cable around the Steam Man’s legs bringing him crashing down to the ground. Now with the crew of the mighty steam-powered robot captured their fate hangs in the balance.

The Steam Man is an action packed comic book right from the start. Not a frame goes by where the crew is not fighting for their lives. That being said this is also a very graphic comic book and should only be read by mature readers. The language and graphic detail is not meant for young readers. Every frame leaves you wondering if a particular character survived or if the Dark Rider is finally beaten or how will Captain Beadle gets out of this. This story really leaves you in suspense.

The artwork is excellent the blood and gore in each frame you actually know what is body part is being poked out or cut off. I commend Piotr Kowalski on his the attention to detail. It really does pay off in helping the reader get into the story.

I am giving the Steam Man five stars for its original plot twist and cliffhanger. Maybe you might think differently but you won’t know unless you go get yourself a copy of The Steam Man Chapter 4 and find out.

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