REVIEW: The Strain – The Battle of Central Park

The Strain is great TV– and that’s pretty rare these days. Traditional TV is scrambling to find its place in the in world of shifting consumer entertainment consumption. If The Strain is any indication, the big networks do not plan to go gently into the night.

The sixth episode of season 3 heralds the coming of a major showdown between the munchers and the remaining residents of New York. Councilwoman Feraldo, still in offensive mode after her near death experience, orders a strike on Central Park–even though it’s already been determined that she doesn’t have enough police/troops to do the job. Simultaneously, Fet heads up a team to eliminate the huge nest located beneath the city, a two-pronged approach

The simmering tension between Gus, Angel, and the cops charged with forcing convicts to fight the Strigoi finally comes to a head. Also, even after the close call last episode, Dutch and Eph are steadfast in trying to disrupt or at least understand the way that the Strigoi communicate. Setrakian and Quinlan are completely absent from this episode, presumably still in pursuit of the Crimson worm.

The aspect of the show that keeps me coming back, aside from the great writing and novel take on the vampire myth, is the excellent use of suspense to drive the story. Somehow the show’s creators have found a way to keep each week’s peek into the crumbling city fresh and verifiably creepy well into the 3rd season. I’m never really sure any character is “safe”, even this late in the game, and with the way that this episode ends, I’m even more concerned that things are not going to go well for at least some of my favorites.

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