REVIEW: The Surface #4

Written by Ales Kot, Art by Langdon Foss & Jordie Bellaire, Published by Image Comics

I feel like I just ate someone else’s existential trifle. I love trifle, but now I feel uncomfortable knowing it wasn’t mine. And it was a five liter bowl of summer fruits.

Uncomfortable, mainly because this was incredibly boring to read and I’m not actually enjoying saying that, for once. It’s a long existential dive into the life of the writer that goes so deep you get crushed under the sheer effort that’s gone into it. By the time I’d reached the end I was exhausted and unsatisfied, it felt like trying to crack off a summer morning flagpole.

The art is brilliant! Beautiful, varied, clever, the polar opposite of the writing. There’s even a sequence near the beginning where the artist draws himself into the page and silently but perfectly expresses his irritation at the writer.

I wish I could have liked this, but it  owed a little too much to the Invisibles and a bad spiritual health manual.

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