REVIEW: The Totally Awesome Hulk #6

Written by Greg Pak, art by Mike Choice, published by Marvel

Step into the way back machine, let your field of vision go all wobbly as it fades to sepia and you recall lazy summer days reading comics at your grandparents, the whiff of home cooking wafting up the stairs, how cool was that comic? Whatever it was it would be read repeatedly and become the blueprint for the schoolyard games when the holidays were over.

That’s this comic. Thor has a rumble with Hulk, they team up to fight dark elves. Simple story with an emotive subplot weaving its way in the background that intrigues rather than baffles. It’s also nice to see a man and woman team up without any forced romantic twoddle.The regular cast are sister and brother which creates an interesting dynamic.

I’ve noticed a new trend for thin lines and bright colours in comics art, it’s one I approve of as there’s a wonderful clarity to each page. The front cover has classic appeal as well bringing back old tropes; hero getting a smack from guest star, the breaking of the title banner, plain primary colour for the background, it leaps off the shelf.

I’m loving the new Thor comic, so I was going to buy this but when it popped up in my Dropbox I took advantage and had a good time. It’s great stuff and it grates on my scrotum that fan-tards are missing out because Thor has a vagina and Hulk is an Asian teenager.


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