REVIEW: The Troop #1

STORY BY Noel Clarke
ART BY Joshua Cassara
PUBLISHER: Titan Comics

This new series from Titan Comics, features the type of scenario we may have seen a few times in shows like Heroes and comics like X-men.  All over the world kids and young adults are developing powers under the watchful eye of a mysterious clandestine force.  At some point, said force tries to apprehend the subject paying no heed to family or any other societal affiliation.  During this busy first issue, we also meet a suited man looking to help a handful of individuals, whilst they demonstrate their power to save themselves in some way or another.

Noel Clarke, who seems to be able to turn his hand to anything including acting, screenwriting and directing, is the scribe behind this book.  Clarke may seem like an obvious draw and there is no doubt that he is a talented individual, but with that in mind, I expected a little bit more from this book.  On first glance I was impressed, but upon further reflection, the characters with their clichéd origins seem just a little to obvious.  Wittrooph the pace of the book, there is no real time to connect to any one character, so situations that may cause concern down the line lose their impact.

Joshua Cassara provides the art for the book, which for the most part is ok.  I do have some concerns over angles used in the panels, which may not be the most dramatic.  This is a little surprising when you think of the input Clarke may have had as a director.  Still the, action panels for the most part, work well as does the use of the powers seen in the book.  Colors are by Luis Guerrero and is the best thing in the book.

The only other thing to say about the book is that, it is a tad gratuitous in places.  Now, I am as laidback as he next guy, and yes, there is always going to be a level of violence in certain comic books, but the violence shown here, some of which is used more as a excuse than anything, coupled with no real reason for a female character to be seen naked which pretty much backs up the claims of  Clarke “you’ll see it in all it’s punch-to-the-face glory”, although in reality, adds very little to the story.  Overall, I am left more than a little disappointed.

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