Rating: Rated T
Writer: Ryan North, Artist: Erica Henderson, Published by Marvel

Now here’s a character that can take on Deathstroke and his knock off and not only win but be insufferably cute about it at the same time.

This is the story of Doreen and her pals going up against Doctor Doom and, with a side order of sixties nostalgia and time travel. It’s a comics comic this. It’s the kind of comic you read as a kid, that was the back up story for Ziods or whatever and was always better than the main strip.

It’s a little over written but every word is a bliss filled relief after all the guns and swords and grim shite I had to wade through to get to it. It is dialogue you actually want to read down to the fun little footnotes at the bottom of most pages. There are a few talking head pages at the beginning but all the characters stand out and the art refuses to make it dull to get through some of the more expository bits.

The art made me laugh out loud a couple of times, Tippy Toe landing on the flag pole and Dr Doom wearing a welding mask (while ex-positing about creating a better kind of screw) stood out and despite looking simple it does everything it needs to do with subtle clarity.

The plot made me want to read the rest of the series as well, I like Doom, I like Time Travel, and I like Squirrel Girl enough, this is Marvel having fun, I promise there will be a movie in the future.

There’s an energy in this book between the writing and the art and it’s a properly unique energy that powers some pretty fierce nostalgia trains, I hope it never runs out.

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