REVIEW: The Unbelievable Gwenpool #12

When you approach something you don’t expect to be good but you’ve never read it before so you give it a whirl and you a pleasantly surprised but there’s no word for that, you type openings like this.

I was expecting something meta and maybe some gags but it’s a tightly focused bit of character work as Gwen leads her merc’ team through a Dn’D escapade. The framework for the plot is simple but the characters have weight. For example Mega Toni is a morose frustrated mother fucker and I found myself actually wanting to know why.

The art is adorable, very clean and clear, lots of curves and while the subject matter is wacky it doesn’t over crowd the page with sight gags like some comedy books can. It’s stylised and everyone is distinctive with plenty of variation in body language and expressions.

Oh, and an excellent recap!

Written by: Christopher Hastings
Art by: Gurihiru, Myisha Haynes
Cover by: Gisele Lagace

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