REVIEW: The Uniques #1

The Uniques #1
Story, Art, and Lettering by Comfort Love and Adam Withers
This series begins with Hope Sage, budding telepath, waking from a coma in a hospital bed, only to discover she is being held in a military compound under mysterious circumstances. The first 16 pages of this 34 page adventure are devoted to Hope’s attempted escape, as she battles doctors and armed guards, to only find that she trapped in the middle of the desert.
Flashback two years to the day. Hope is the daughter of two members of The Seven (think this book’s version of the Justice League) and her parents are preparing to address a special United Nations Assembly about the disarmament of Superheroes around the world, the end to a super powered arms race. While boarding a flight in London to reunite with her parents, Hope is telepathically linked to hear her mother and father give their historic speech. Unfortunately she is also mentally connected as the U.N. is attacked by a human bomb named Killaton, a Unique who uses his explosive powers to destroy himself and the rest of the assembly in an act of terrorism.
Back in the Hospital; Hope discovers that she was in a coma for the last two years, as her body repaired the damage that was done to her mind as she was psychically link to her parents when they died.  She takes comfort in the company of fellow hero Countryman. (This universe’s Captain America) Who explains that the attack on the U.N. was only part of a larger terrorist plot that left most of New York destroyed. Couple that with a psychic shock wave that went out across the globe when her parents died, resulting in the deaths of the world’s telepathic community, save for Hope, the world’s last mind reader. The book closes on a narrative by a shadowed figure that explains that the attack on New York and the death of a large portion of the world’s heroes has all been a century long plan to bring about the end of the world. The shadowed figure isn’t working alone. He turns to face a surprise counterpart. One of Hope’s dearest remaining friends. A surprise that I won’t spoil here.
Final Thoughts:
There are moments in this comic that really grabbed my attention. From small moments like Hope using her telepathy to cover her backside in a flimsy hospital gown, to larger action pieces like the battle and explosion within the U.N.  There are however a few things that dragged the book down. There are panels where the art is amazing and on the same page there are panels that seem rushed or lacking detail and background. The opening scene of Hope’s attempted escape drags on for almost half the book. In a story that seems to hinge on the events of New York it would have been nice to spend a little more time building those characters and situation up.  While there are weak points within the book, the premise and series are strong enough to warrant interest in a second issue to see where the creators are going to take us.
Final Grade: 3 stars
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