Review: The Untouchable Nightwing #37


This issue begins at the Lucky Lighthouse Casino with the ominous statement: Bludhaven is going bankrupt! Our hero has scaled the wall, literally, to visit the owner, Lucy Weatherton. Even though she’s facing the collapse of her casino, Lucy always has time for Dick Grayson. He tells her that he needs her help and then we flashback to one of Dick’s first missions as Robin, the boy wonder. All ego and no experience.

The Creative Team:

Sam Humphries gives us insight into Dick Grayson and how he judges himself in this issue. Dick, as Nightwing explaining to Lucy, recounts his first attempt at bringing in the villain for this tale and how he went in recklessly and without thought, all to impress the Caped Crusader during his first month in the Robin outfit. Most of us in our teens and twenties know everything but really don’t know anything and Batman tried to teach him to proceed with caution but to no avail. It’s great stuff, retrospectively and action packed. This issue is surely a crowd pleaser.

Jansen and Campbell divide the artistic chores with Campbell drawing the Nightwing material and Jansen doing the past Robin outing. The differences are noticeable, but subtle as each artist gives us the vitality of both Dick Grayson heroes. The splash where Batman and Robin leap into the fray is impressive and the page where Robin rides a harpoon onto the ship is a clever way to bring him and his attitude into the action. All in all both artists contribute to the tale and magnify Humphries story considerably well.

In Conclusion:

Dick Grayson has to face the mistakes of his past which lead to the troubling situation we find in this issue. It’s a golden opportunity for the former side-kick of the Dark Knight to redeem himself. Now that he’s older can he face his former enemy who previously escaped due to our heroes over-enthusiastic attempt to please his mentor? Will he be able to help his friend save her casino before it’s too late? To be Continued! *** (8.2 rating)

Writer – Sam Humphries
Art – Klaus Jansen, Jamal Campbell
Colors – Jamal Campbell, Carlos M. Mangual
Letters – Jorge Jimenez, Alejandro Sanchez
Publisher – DC Comics

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