REVIEW: The Walking Dead: The Alien

When Jeff set out on his travels to Barcelona he wanted to experience the world, not be trapped away from his family and friends when it ended. While trying to save a young boy from a hoard of walkers Jeff is saved himself by a woman named Claudia who has a plan to get to America and the pair set off for the docks, if only plans worked out the way we all hope they do.

This one shot gives us a little extended family for Rick and Carl as we meet Jeff, Ricks brother as he shows that Rick isn’t the only hero in the family. The book has the overall feel of the regular series with the black and white panels only ever spliced with red when blood is flowing. The story is simple yet hits hard in the last few pages. This could have been a stand alone series companion to the regular title much as Fear is to the TV show, sadly this one shot is over far too quickly. A strong addition to any walking dead collection and worth a read.

4 stars for this book.

The Walking Dead: Alien
By Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

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