REVIEW: The Wicked and The Divine #13

Created by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie
Writer- Kieron Gillen
Art by Tula Lotay and Jamie McKelvie
Letterer- Clayton Cowles

Don’t judge a book by its cover, or do, your choice…The cover is simple. A female in costume unmasking. Her look is very 70’s futuristic.

A long, long time ago in the last issue…Once a century 12 Gods return as young people living only 2 years. They’re here now.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming… We open one of the Gods performing to a stadium of fans. Her name is Tara and all she wants is to sing for her fans. They however have other ideas. They want her grace, her light, her power blessed on them. They start to get violent when she try’s to sing so she give them what they really came for. Through monologue we find out how her looks have opened doors for her she’d rather stayed closed. She wears a mask to hide not her true self but so people will see it. Defeated she joins the other Gods at their meeting tower and speaks with the wise woman Ananke who frost told her of her powers. She scans Twitter and bursts into tears as she reads the horrible and clearly illegal posts her “fans” have tweeted her. Ananke tells her to sing and let her pain out. As she does Ananke snaps her fingers and Tara’s head explodes killing her. We find out the monologue was a suicide note. Seeing that she planned to kill herself Ananke moves her body to her London flat and sets the place on fire where her body is found. When her “fans ” find out of her death their Tweets change and everyone suddenly has something nice to say.

This is a very confusing issue for a jumping in point. None of the gods seem to like each other. The tone of this book is dark and it’s trying far too hard to be grown up. The tweets were disgusting to read. I know things like that happen but some words should never be in a comic, yes the C word is used but the vulgar language put me right off. The whole book talks about rape like its something every man is thinking about. Not for me.

It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye..Tara is the only death in this issue. Her head explodes in light and fireworks so I wasn’t sure if she was being killed or transforming into She-Ra at first.

The Good, the Bad and the Meh…
The Good – art is good for the most part.
The Bad – the language for the sake. It wasn’t needed.
The Meh – the concept. It’s interesting.

I’ll give it 1 star. It would have gotten 2 of not for the language used.

Do you agree with my review?
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