REVIEW: The Wicked + The Divine #18

Written by Kieron Gillen, art by Jamie McKelvie, published by Image Comics

I did a Lap of honour when I saw the re-cap page, character shots as well! Well done! Your comics not bad either.

If the idea of twelve gods coming back in human guise doesn’t sound interesting, you’re boring. This issue is basically a jail break as the gods seem to squabble and hold rock concerts. It’s sharp and to the point and while I did get the feeling I’d jumped into this mid flow I just went with it and it was intriguing enough to be utterly enjoyable.

The art is interesting, all the relevant skills are on show anatomy, perspective, facial expressions, but while all the human bits are fairly mundane I think McKelvie took some drugs, watched Tron and went nuts for the bits involving the Gods. It’s a neon wonder.

Interesting characters having fun interactions in glorious settings makes me want more. So job done. 4.2 stars

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