REVIEW: The Wild Storm #6

We kick off issue #6 with IO hot on Michael Crays ass, they are at the door while a job offer of his life is in the kitchen with him. The action starts straight off and the illustration are beautiful to look at. Without words, the danger and anger is shown and this is not an easy thing to portray in the first few pages of any comic. It is violent and is equal to any action movie scene. This give issue #6 a great start. Once the IO agents have been dealt with Michael accepts Christine’s offer and off he goes on his new adventure before it too late to enjoy it.

In the last issue, our ex IO agent with the new tech Angie Spica and her astronaut friend transport out, but to where. We find out here, she was taken to Brooklyn of all places. She is not too happy about this but it’s the safest place for her now. She needs to talk to the others in the building to find out that things are not as simple as they seem.  This is where she meets Jake Marlow and the vast amount of information she didn’t know is them explained to her. It turns of IO isn’t just a pain in the ass power company it’s THE company. They run the earth, yes, the entire earth who would have thought it. Turns out the rest of the universe is under the control of Skywatch. This has been a deal made for many years. The biggest shock though is that humans are not alone and other species exist.

We then head to Skywatch and met some of it interesting inhabitants. Henry bring the big guy in the sky, a little crazy with a head full of knowledge and self-importance. He recognises the dry suits configuration that Angie has and hits based on tech from the 70’s. He is not happy about it, why? Because it was stolen from him. He is ready to rage war now he has found it.

The Wild Storm just gets better with each issue. The Illustrations are so well done and the panel placements are perfect. When reading it you forget it’s a comic and feel you are watching a well thought-out sci-fi movie. Everything about this series appeals to the read, whether you are a sci-fi fan or a comic lover, this is a series you should purchase and keep. Each re-read allows you to become more involved in the story and the story arc is going in places many comics have not been able to maintain before.

This is a must have for a Warren Ellis fan and it’s a great introduction to his writing for anyone who may not have read his books before. 5 out of 5

(W) Warren Ellis (A/CA) Jon Davis-Hunt

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