The Woods Issue 31 - Cover

REVIEW: The Woods #31

Sanami Ota is back (along with Dr. Robot, the alien space monkey) after being missing for 2 years and thought to be dead. Sanami and her father have approached Senator Ramirez to help, and the police don’t know what to make of her story.

This issue contains a very emotional scene between Sanami and her father. He has been cold to her in one of the most trying times of her life and it all comes out in this issue. Sanami can sense her father’s greed and feels he would have liked the spotlight to be on him. The scene is beautifully written and the art conveys the feelings that Sanami is going through with great care. In her eyes, she was involved in a war on an alien planet and experienced many terrible things. She is showing symptoms that seem similar to PTSD.

The Woods Issue 31 - Cover

Michael Dialynas’ art is superb with excellent detail and expertly drawn emotional scenes. It has a colored pencil look and doesn’t have the digitally airbrushed look that is typical of most books on the market today.

We get exposition early in the book to remind readers of where we are in the story. However, at this point in the series, this is a tough issue for new readers to jump on to.

The ending is great and we are shown scenes of Karen involved in a fierce battle. It definitely leaves you wanting to see what will happen in the following issues.

I give this issue 4 out 5 stars. This is a great series with a fully developed world and characters that you will get attached to.

Written by James Tynion IV
Art by Michael Dialynas
Published by Boom Studios

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