REVIEW: The X-Files: Season 11 #5

STORY BY Joe Harris, ART BY Matthew Dow Smith, COLORS BY Jordie Bellaire, LETTERS BY Chris Mowry, COVER BY menton3, PUBLISHER IDW

Albert Einstein has been quoted to say: “Insanity: doing the same thing and expecting different results.”  That pretty much sums  up The X-Files for me.

There was a time when The X-Files was the hottest property in town. The chemistry between believe anything Mulder and believe nothing Scully, the will they  won’t they, the monsters of the week and the conspiracy of the Smoking Man drew a huge amount of viewers, spinning into comics, novels and the movies.

IDW have brought back the comic series with Mulder and Scully back on the files, then off them and Mulder being disenfranchised from the FBI.  See what I mean about insanity?

Fans of the show may well like this comic, especially as writer Joe Harris has brought back one of the more popular characters from the show. Harris has written a number of books, from a gauntlet of publishers. This body of work certainly helps as Harris is adept at getting the voices for the FBI two right, each sounding as you would expect.

Also on song is the art from Matthew Dow Smith who produces work that actually resembles the cast. This is no mean feat as many artists fall into the potential trap of photo referencing, which can only work as long as the panel requires an already established shot. Here the work is moody and claustrophobic which helps sell the situation that Mulder finds himself in, again. Aiding the mood of the book is colorist  Jordie Bellaire, whose work I have seen and appreciated on other books.

If there was ever a show that outplayed its welcome, some would argue The X-Files  would be that show. To an extent, I would agree. The first three seasons were great television, with the first season arguably the best first season of any show.   Unfortunately,  the weight of its own continuity and the lack of any  real conclusion, coupled with the loss of its lead, left many fans adrift.

The fact that Harris and Bellaire have worked on the previous Season 10 run, shows that they know what they like and how to get their story told. If you are a fan of the show and don’t mind having seen all this before, than I’m sure you will like this book. For me however, I prefer the thought-provoking elements from the earlier TV series rather than the rehash that this book appears to be.

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