REVIEW: This Damned Band #1

Story: Paul Cornell
Art: Tony Parker
Colors: Lovern Kindzierski
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
On Sale Aug. 5th

Coming soon from Dark Horse Comics is a new six part series titled “This Damned Band”, written by Paul Cornell with art by Tony Parker. issue #1 immediately introduces us to The Motherfathers, an eccentric 70’s rock band who claim to follow the “dark arts” and black magic. We meet the band as they finish a performance, and then follow them backstage where we find they are being filmed for a band documentary. The story is told through the eye of the lens, with band members, managers and groupies giving personal interviews occasionally. When first deployed, this concept seemed interesting but by the end of the issue it feels burdensome. Not much happens in the first issue. The band eats some mushrooms that send them on a wild trip during their next performance, which leads to a lethargic cliffhanger at the end of the issue.

Author Paul Cornell doesn’t reveal much about this story in this first outing. Besides meeting the story’s main characters, nothing much of value takes place in the issue.  By the end of the first issue the reader still has no idea what the plot is, or the motives of any of the characters involved.  Tony Parker’s art is for the most part good, but not without its weak spots.

Final Verdict: Overall, nothing about this issue made me want to pick up the next. This Damned Band #1 feels like a missed opportunity to grab readers and bring them along for the story Cornell and Parker are telling. Maybe this will read better collected as a trade, but I wouldn’t recommend this title as something that needs to be followed in issues.

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