REVIEW: Thor #2

Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Russell Dauterman
Colors by Matt Wilson
Lettered by VC’s Joe Sabino
Published by Marvel Worldwide Inc.


Behold! For thou hath been granted a most favorable prospect of witnessing the surging power of Mjölnir once more! Observe how the mighty Mjölnir hath chosen a lady with a stouter heart and nobler soul than those possessed by the blood son of Odin himself! Favor is ‘pon thee in this second issue of Thor. For thou need not fret with enduring the tortured visage of the unworthy son, for he doth stand as a hollow mockery of one who had been known as the God of Thunder! But, I hath spoken enow of the Odinson!

From out of the Moon mists, she hath emerged to grab hold of the mystic mallet, taking leave for Midgard to meet the threat of an enemy eternal; the Frost Giants. From their icy realm of Jotunheim, the merciless Giants dared to trespass ‘pon the waters of Midgard, carrying tactics most foul. They possess the effrontery to so gaze ‘pon the Goddess of Thunder as a mere morsel for consumption and cruel amusement. Fear thee not mortals. Though she faces awesome odds, the Goddess of Thunder doth not become sustenance for these icy creatures. She defends herself against her fearsome foes; unleashing the naked savagery and fury of Mjölnir, whilst her godly strength that would grant any opponent pause is displayed. Aye verily; divine abilities she lacks not. Victory is all but assured. Behold! The Goddess of Thunder hath arrived!

So hath a sinister creature from fabled Asgardian depths most dark. Behold! Hailing from Svartalfheim, ’tis the malevolent Dark Elf King Malekith, commanding an audience whilst sporting the lost arm of Thor Odinson ‘pon his neck! A treachery most foul and mockery of the contemptible prince indeed! Malekith hath chosen to ally himself with Frost Giants in pursuit of a power-laced skull, held by Dario Agger.

Agger retreats from Malekith and from Thor, who hath also intervened. Agger locks himself inside an impenetrable vault, thus avoiding his pursuers…but, before his escape is secured, Mjölnir is tossed into the vault as Agger seals the room, thus leaving Thor weaponless and surrounded by Malekith and his vengeful allies, the Frost Giants.


This issue of Thor #2 couldn’t have started off any better in my opinion. For weeks we have been waiting to catch a better glimpse of the new Thor, and even more so, be introduced to the way she thinks and speaks with the hopes of learning who she really is. Jason Aaron continues to keep the mystery of the new Thor’s identity under wraps in this issue, but he does feed us a little bit more info to strengthen the speculation of who she could really be.

I must say that Russell Dauterman’s artwork in this issue was a perfect fit for the new hammer wielder’s appearance. I was very impressed by the angles he demonstrated in his work, particularly with the battle sequences where the new Thor battles the Frost Giants. Thor Odinson’s severed arm around Malekith’s neck was a nice touch and an emphasis on how far Thor Odinson has sunk. The coloring job by Matt Wilson is for the most part, bright, which is a great way to show off the arrival of Marvel’s newest deity in all of her newfound glory.

Overall, I give this book 3 out of 5 stars. It’s a solid debut of the new Thor in action, and the best part of it is, it’s only the beginning.

‘Tis time to take my leave!

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