REVIEW: Thor #7

STORY BY: Jason Aaron
ART BY: Russell Dauterman
Publisher: Marvel Comics
released: 04/15/2015

Verily, we art standing on the crossroads of the bi-frost, where what was and what is current, may put aside their differences to smite their enemy.

Recap time – Thor is a woman! This was the cry from the internet. In truth, all that happened was that another person was deemed worthy of wielding mjölnir, who happened to be a woman. Some would argue that this gave the book a shot in the arm, but the previous Thor book was a huge fan favourite. Cynics would say it was pandering to the quest to improve the number of female heroes, whilst also stating that it will be a short-term thing as Odinson will claim his hammer and his rightful place. Either way, regardless of the side of the divide you sit, the reality is that the situation is the situation, like it or lump it.

Onto the issue, I am not a big Thor fan (it has nothing to do with the nearly Mrs Hughes having  a major Chris Hemsworth crush), I am not keen on the way he speaks or the whole Asgard and gods element. Also, I have always thought that it isn’t actually his hammer. It seems that the hammer chooses who it belongs to based on worthiness. So with all this in mind, you would think, by default, I would dislike this book.

Written by long time Marvel veteran Jason Aaron, the books has a lot going on. There are elements of previous events, which may or may not be relevant, the culmination of not one but two schemes and finally the ongoing battle. Keeping this well paced is no mean feat and Aaron manages it extremely well. Having read, and not particularly enjoyed, his recent Star Wars book, I was impressed with the script, especially the Coulson conversation, and the overall pacing of the book. One oddity I found, was that whilst Lady Thor speaks like an Asgardian, she doesn’t, languages wise, think like one.

Art is brought to you by Russell Dauterman and for the most part is very good. The action scenes are full of pep and the lines are clean and crisp. If I had to be critical, I would say that it appears that the quality of the faces is inconsistent, the way that in one panel one character looks like she has high cheeks but in another a rounded face, and the conversation between Malekith and Agger seem a little bland in comparison to some of the facial work throughout the action scenes. However these are just small points in an otherwise great looking issue.

Next issue we have the big reveal.Who is the lady under the helmet. There may be clues in this issues. It will be interesting to see what the fans will say following the reveal. I am even more interested in the response should Odinson retrieve the hammer. If you, like me, have preconception of a Thor book, go check it out. You may be surprised.

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