REVIEW: Thor #8

STORY BY: Jason Aaron
ART BY: Russell Dauterman
Publisher: Marvel

The secret is out. The new Lady Thor is………

Wait a minute…you actually think I am going to tell you? If I did that, it would spoil all the hard work done by Jason Aaron.

Issue 8 starts, kinda, where the last issue ended, an armada of female heroes and Asgardian types join the melee against the Destroyer. By doing so, they recognise that their combined might is of no use. The fact the Destroyer is stopped is of no question, but how is another matter.  Aaron handles all elements of the script well, through the various voices of the various heroes to the somewhat divorcing promise made by Odin’s wife. This includes the tease of the secret of the book, which isn’t who is Lady Thor, but what information said made Odinson unworthy of the hammer.

Russell Dauterman is on art duties and what a splendid job he does. The lines are clean and the action scenes are full of energy. There is one panel, with Freya,  that is a little out of perspective, but that is the only blip in an otherwise strong issue.

Thor has certainly impressed me over the last couple of issues.  It is easy to dismiss Lady Thor as just a ploy by Marvel to ingratiate a strong female lead book, using one of their more. at least currently thanks to the movies maybe, popular characters. But that opinion is somewhat flawed.  Despite the uproar of a having a female Thor, fans tend to forget that the Big Two are pretty much used to creating female characters from the male original. Batgirl, Spider-Woman, Spider-Gwen and Supergirl to name a few. The quality of this book should go along way to dissuade these views and open-minded fans will enjoy a new take on this old familiar hero.

And in case you are still wondering the new Lady Thor is…… revealed in book, go read it!

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