REVIEW: Thrustmaster 300CPX Doom Edition Headset

Today I’m reviewing the Thrustmaster 300CPX Doom Edition Headset, packaging is attractive,with all the details of  the headset. In the images the headset is a good looking piece of equipment. I removed it from its packaging and immediately noticed that it is a HUGE headset, if your looking for portable this is not it! Upon test fitting it, I looked like Princess Leia! The headset also has a bit of weight to it, however, it is very comfortable.

The unit is ready to go out of the box by simply connecting the microphone piece on the bottom of the left ear headphone, no option to use on other side of the headset however. The plug of the unit fits directly into the XBox One S controller, no further adapters required.  The audio out of box was great, very life-like and clear. The bass was very clean and in chat voices came through loud and clear. I played a few games like Call of Duty, Mad Max and Halo and in each game the sound quality was near perfect.

The adapter which is to be used when using the headset on a PC/PS/XBox 360.  I tested the headset with the provided cable on my Windows 10 PC. I tested the headset with Skype and it failed miserably! The voices came through as muffled and my voice was “tingy” per the end user.Although the adapter has a volume control for voice, chat,bass,it really didn’t help the sound quality improve any on the pc!  I tried adjusting a few setting on PC, bit to no avail!

This headset for console gaming is a good, low-cost choice , but if you are looking for versatility, look elsewhere. Due to its extreme size and tingy voice when applied to anything other than gaming I give this a 3.5 out of 5

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