REVIEW: Time Corps #1

G’Day Crusaders,

Dodgy86 is back in the mix bringing you Time Corps # 1 by Nate Wunderman with art by Ken Watanabe and Neal Yamamoto. Proudly Published by Wunderman Comics.

The story begins with a disgruntled young man, who wears a gold gauntlet, belt and black t-shirt then attempts time travel. This is a time where casual or unauthorized time travel is prohibited, yet this attempt was foiled. The instructions were provided by a bath sitting bearded old man with a mane to make Fabio jealous… he demands that someone hunts down this boy to find out why he’s time travelling and what harm can he do when other people can follow suit and potentially alter time.


Jones, given clearance by the old man (as previously mentioned) is ordered to summon a team of people from different times, eras and countries to hunt down the young man.


My feelings of this book is mixed, its great giving structured dialogue explaining the surroundings and assisted by the art. Lacking narration hurts this book, we as new readers need guidance to better understand what the writer needs to say. I feel narration accompanied with the existing dialogue could make this into a great book. Also the different texts depicting the dialogues of Incan, Russian and French.. they can be difficult to read, I wished the text remained standard.


This is not a terrible book, I’d be interested to read the next issue to see what happens as this book doesn’t concluded.

You can pick it up from and directly from


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