REVIEW: Titans #4

I’ve just developed diabetes and epilepsy thanks to this comic.

The team split up after some speechifying about “friendship” that put me into a diabetic coma. When I woke up they were all getting beaten by Kadabra’s doppelgangers  in a plot borrowed from an eighties cartoon.

The pace of the story is relentless which wouldn’t be to bad for a comic where the focus is a speedster, but there’s vast tracks of clumsy dialogue which gives the whole reading experience the same sensation as trying to run in a dream. Another thing that was really fucking annoying is the use of Wally’s speed, look he’s either “the fastest man alive” and “tapped into the speed force” or he’s narratively crippled by convenience when it suits the writer. If he can move faster than the human eye then this plot would have been over in the slap of an arse cheek. But no, running in slow motion apparently.

The art is LITERALLY all Dutch angles even the saccharin speeches. All the panels themselves are at mad angles for no reason I can see other than Booth may have been drawing this in an earthquake. Throw in that type of clinical colouring that’s basically all the same bright tone and some horribly uncomfortable anatomy, it all looks like a cat threw up on the page and you find out where all your glitter disappeared to.

I’d say it was harmless but it needs to come free with a shot of insulin and a soft open space to sit in.

(W) Dan Abnett (A/CA) Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund, published by DC

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