(W) Tom Waltz, Kevin Eastman (A/CA) Ken Garing

So to start off I have to say I have not gotten a chance to read this series until now.  I know allot about it from people talking but I have to say as far as writing and in some pages the lack there off this was a great book.  I am also a huge Mondo Gecko Fan and was always taking care of my figure of him so the nostalgia was present when reading this book.  I like that they take the chance like in DC and Marvel to use the other books they have to create a larger universe and not such a narrow one.  For the Turtles to not have a character like Mikey is such an interesting take on how they can be who they are because we all know Mikey brings the levity and keeps them on their toes.  This is a series I could see myself heavily investing in to see all the ups and downs of this world!

I give it a 5/5 because even in 1 issue I didn’t question all that was going on.  The artwork was as TMNT should always be and it gave both nostalgia and curiosities all in one!  I will hope that this story keeps going and we see more thrilling adventures.

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