REVIEW: TMNT Universe # 1

G’Day Crusaders,

This is Dodgy in mix bringing you Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe # 1 by Paul Allor, kevin Eastman, Bobby Curnow and Tom Waltz with art by Damian Couceiro, Rhonda Pattison, Bill Sienkiewicz and Tomi Varga. Published by IDW.
This is a new TMNT anthology series expanding the universe of the heroes in a half shell as the story is broken into two stories, the first is by Allor, Couceiro and Pattison which involves a clash between the police force and certain mutant forces and our favorite shell-backs are caught in the crossfire! Can the police trust the shadows in the night? Read it and find out.

The concluding story is by Eastman, Curnow, Waltz, Sienkiewicz and Varga. And yes, that Sienkiewicz from Elektra Assassin fame and mesmerizing New Mutants (Demon Bear Saga, best art display I’ve ever seen!) involves Leonardo going on an ass-kissing mission beating the crap and talkin’ a whole lotta smack to some ninjas before he’s met his match with some four armed dude with swords!
What did I think? The first story…. I’m a fan of the Nicktoon show and with the second movie just out recently… you gotta remember this aint a kids book, this is violent and has some gore and that’s awesome! I had to double take on some pages because I asked myself “did that just happen?” The art is darker than most pages and there are characters familiar to TMNT over the TV shows and the movies as well as references to other characters not seen yet which fans would enjoy. The scenes are darker and grittier that previously seen books and the action scenes are flawless.

My only gripe(s).. 13 covers!! THIRTEEN COVERS!!?? Come On!! Why??

The second was the back up story, I was super excited to read a Bill Sienkiewicz illustrated TMNT book and when I read it, there’s only 6 pages. Although it wasn’t a bad little read I was expecting more from the back up story.
For TMNT fans, prepare yourselves for a fun ride whilst the little ones read TMNT Adventures. WARNING: Do not mistakenly switch books!

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