REVIEW: Tomb Raider #7

Written by Mariko Tamaki, Art by Phillip Sevy, Published by Dark Horse Comics

Huh. Well it’s a fine read, the story is a personal one about an organisation looking for immortality, a break out at the psychiatric hospital and some one pretending to be Lara Croft pulling a Nancy Drew with a bit of judo thrown in.

While I’m all for a multi faceted, well-rounded version of a character who was a sexual awakening for many spotty little boys back in the nineties, they have removed two things that seem essential to the character, her high standard of bad assery and the actual tomb raiding. The story is very well paced, the character is interesting, strong yet flawed and the support cast is fine though not given that much to do in this issue but on the whole it works, just not as a Tomb Raider comic.

The art is simple but really string in the story telling department. No details are skimped, but there’s no extraneous nonsense either, or to the comics credit any gratuitous shots of Miss Croft.

This would be a better comic if it wasn’t called Tomb Raider, expectations would be adjusted and the highly capable but clearly vulnerable lead character would be a joy to watch develop rather than give off a slight feeling of cognitive dissonance.

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