REVIEW: Tomboy #5

By Goodwin and Wong, published by Action Lab Ent.

Well at least Action Labs is a reliable source of sequential entertainment. No twist, they just are, though there’s a slap on the wrist for a lack of re-cap.  When will you lot learn?

It doesn’t stop the story of a young lady going out as a vigilante, being hunted by the police and scolded by her mentor/grandpa being any less enjoyable but some added context is always nice. There’s an interesting contrast between the artwork and the story concept as the comic is labeled mature readers and the artwork is looking into the more cartoon end of the spectrum. That’s not to say it’s bad, in fact it works really well considering the young age and distinctly manga’esque aspects of the lead character.

While this is an issue that’s setting things up it does so with nice character interactions and clear evidence of the story actually moving in a definite direction with the characters growing.

This is a good comic, I expect nothing less from Action Labs, I wish it was easier to get this side of the pound as I would pick this up in trade.


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