For me, part of the appeal to any ongoing story featuring time travel is that you don’t necessarily have to follow it in a linear order.  While my personal level of Torchwood fandom doesn’t come anywhere near “Whovian” levels, my knowledge of the series is about the same as remedial Spanish:  Good enough to carry on a short and occasionally misspoken conversation.

Reading an issue of the comic book version of the series for the first time,  I can see where it definitely has the same appeal as the t.v. show.  Chapter 4 of the current storyline, Station Zero, jumps between the 51st Century, where Captains Jack and John are defending themselves against Vervoid hybrids, and a present day revelation of a mole within the group.  It’s got all the same pacing, humor, and character familiarity, plus, a panel featuring  Jack and John in a tight-quartered embrace,  suitable for memeing.  Overall, it’s safe to say that the story is a fun read  and a faithful representation of the show, but you really couldn’t expect otherwise when script credits are Carole Barrowman and her sibling, Captain Jack himself, John Barrowman.  Nothing seems out of place.

Almost nothing, anyway.  At one point during a battle with the hybrids, but just prior to the aforementioned tight-quartered embrace, Captain John has a line which begins, “S***, Jack…”.  I have no problem with profanity, direct or implied, as long as it’s not detrimental to a story.  The lesser offense here is that I don’t recall the word “S***” being uttered on the show, so seeing it in script did stand out.  What I  actually found unnecessary here was the use of a triple-asterisk.  Censorship in art being a separate issue, it’s just a personal opinion that symbols as a representation  of  “bad” vocabulary can sometimes take away from the aesthetics of the lettering.   It feels like tripping over a pebble on what is an otherwise perfectly enjoyable stroll.  There is also the possibility I’m nitpicking here.

If this particular installment of Station Zero can be considered a typical representation of the series, I’m sure I’ll  be picking up another copy.  If it’s  REALLY good, I’ll wait a while, and then pick up a back issue.

Writers: John Barrowman, Carole Barrowman
Artist: Neil Edwards
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