REVIEW: Tragic Tales of Horrere #2

Tragic Tales of Horrere #2

Four more tales of terror

From ghosts and zombies to serial killers, we start with a scary shortcut through a graveyard as two friends head home. We then meet a group of zombie survivors fighting over a tiny morsel of food. Next we meet a serial killer in a psychiatric ward about to meet a familiar face. Finally we a demon hunting zombie on a mission for answers to his own immortality.

2 of these stories are pretty good with ‘Tupper’ Being my favourite, this short tale would make a very great larger story in a mini series maybe, ‘The Gilded Cage’ Is the other good one with a serial killer getting his comeuppance. ‘The Thin Place’ is interested if a little slow. While ‘Grimoire’ being the least interesting to me. The art for ‘Tupper’ is my favourite as well as the story. The rest of the art is done well for the most part, I’m not a big fan of the black and white art in books like these but if they’re done as well as they are in ‘Tupper’ the lack of colour didn’t bother me.

Overall this is a 3 star book But because of the quality of Tupper alone I’m giving this book a 5, the story and art for that single short make this whole book worth picking up.

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Art by Neil Ford, Diego Simone, Gareth Sleightholme & Alisdair Wood
Written by Rob Jones, Michael Sambrook & Luis Roldan
Published by Little O and Madius Comics
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

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