Issue number one of this four part mini introduces us to Deacon Price, an underwater archaeologist who charters an expedition, to a downed Soviet submarine that’s been missing for decades. What perils await Deacon and his crew remain to be specifically spelled out, but it looks horrifying so far.

The story ebbs between reality and delusion in the obviously fractured and troubled mind of Deacon while giving us glimpses into an all too real set of emotional circumstances. Clearly, Deacon’s young daughter is gravely ill and coping with his marital separation adds to his mental fatigue. Mr. Gordon throws in the “buddy sleeping with Deacon’s wife” trope and it works to add to the character perfectly.  In fact this issue develops the titular characters very well.  I felt invested in them from the first few moments.

The line work by Henrique Pereira is very fitting albeit a touch smooth. My review copy had approximately five colored pages which looked amazing. I have no doubt the final production copy will be pleasing in the art department. Those pages lacking colors, which was most, still convey the great sci-fi horror appeal, but the colors really do add to the overall impression of the book. For me faces and expressions really only emote with great colors laid down.

I eagerly await the remaining issues to both follow the troubled Deacon and see what the book’s team has for sci-fi/horror sweaties! 3.7/5

Publisher: TPub!

The project launches on March 13th and any support would be amazing:

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