REVIEW: Transformers Lost Light #1

And the mega mythology of a toy line over thirty years old grows and grows. I love what they’ve done with Megatron. This is the story of Rodimus Prime looking for his spaceship with a collection of transformers rescued from different points in time as they all either learn to get on or hatch plots and nefarious schemes. You honestly forget that they look like a collection of cereal boxes tipped into a skip.

Not that the art is bad, in fact it’s really good but you can’t just dip into this universe without feeling a bit out of your depth. All the transformers look distinctive but get more than two in a panel and it starts to look like Tetris came home drunk and passed out in a pile of Lego, to the unaccustomed eye.

The writing moves without giving you pause to breathe and winds up in a place that’s probably going to add a new layer of lore to the colourful jenga pile that is TF cannon. I hope they can wrap up at least one storyline.

Transformer comics are always above average to excellent, this is closer to excellent.

Written by James Roberts, art by Jack Laurence, published by IDW

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