REVIEW: Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #56

I’m going to say something a bit controversial now, Transformers have one of the deepest richest mythologies since Lord Of The Rings. Or Frank Herbert’s Dune, it’s Sci-Fi equivalent. It’s had the benefit of great creative teams, about thirty years of material to cherry pick and a fan base so mental they make Millwall supporters look positively tranquil.

This is another leaf on the branch of a tree with some deep roots and it’ remains startling how the writers can give each advert for a toy line a unique voice, how the artists can maintain a level of detail on each character without going wanting to break their fingers just to have a rest.

The addition of a recap helped bring me up to speed on a story about a rogue moon populated by abused transformer animals, being helped by the Autobots and a graveyard full of “Titans” big, massive, fuck off Transformers. Add to that a paranoid Transformer and a loony zealot and you’ve got a heck of a mix.

The art can be forgiven for the occasional lapse in coherent story telling as the design and detail in these things makes my inner artist want to cry. The writing to, though strong in both plot and character sometimes I worry it might not come up for air as it dives into this mechanical universe. But there’s some wonderful characters and one clever bit where Red Alert (the paranoid… Robot HA!) dissects and analyses the actual speech balloon of  Fortress Maximus (the leader of the moon based Autobots). It’s a brilliant bit of meta nonsense and makes a comic about a toy line an absolute must read. 4.6/5

Transformers More Than Meet s The Eye #56
Written by James Roberts, art by Priscilla Tramontano, published by IDW

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