REVIEW: Transformers: Windblade #6

Written by Mairghread Scott art by Corin Howell published by IDW

I’ve read a lot of Transformer comics. Up to a couple of years ago pretty much all of them. They are almost always ridiculously complicated, and usually very entertaining. Almost like the writers are over compensating for having to produce what amounts to a glorified toy advert.

Windblade is no different. Turns out there’s a bunch of lost Cybertronian colonies who are starting to sign onto a mutual treaty put together by Windblade, Emperor Starscream’s personal assistant. There’s more but there’s only so much space on the Comic Crusaders server.

The writing is solid, giving each ‘bot a unique voice. But it’s the concepts that stand out, ‘combiner wars’, the way transformers have different races according to their planet and a level of political chicanery going makes the book look like a political comedy between two different makes of tumble dryer.

Transformer artists are a special breed, known for their patience with endless detail, technical accuracy and making a page look like a skip full of house hold appliances having awkward sex. Corin Howell’s art is a bit different from other TF artists, good story telling, facial expressions and a wonderful sense of joy and movement but unlike most TF artists she’s more concerned with clarity than microwaves fucking. The backgrounds are a bit sparse but it took me a few pages to realize I could actually tell what was going with these jumbles of cogs and wheels.

A good read, and thanks to the art you can actually tell what meets the eye.

Gods that was a lame joke to end on.

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