Review: Trespasser #3

Sci-Fi comics can be so fun. They’re even better when the stories are intertwined with mystery and suspense. Trespasser #3 (Alterna Comics) is an unequivocal success in both areas. The third chapter in this four-part series continues the twisting road of storytelling by Justin M. Ryan (Writer) who is unafraid to let this roller coaster run at full speed.

Maria, and her father are isolated in their country home, on guard against an alien presence that continues to make contact with them. They’re out of food, her father is sick and has blisters all over his body, all while the family dog, Belle, has run off and is missing. The struggle to stay alive and the stress of attempting to maintain the illusion of normalcy has worn thin and the interactions between the two have become increasingly tense. Young Maria starts to lash out, only to reveal later the true cause of her distress.

As Sci-Fi Thrillers go, this one is done pretty well. We’re three issues into this four-part series, and to be honest, I have no clue how this is going to end. The series could easily be longer so I’m anxiously awaiting the next issue to see how this is going to be wrapped up in a single book. Justin M. Ryan is a writer to watch out for. He has proven in this release that he has a keen mind for detail and can built suspenseful tension quite well. It’s nice this comic is published on newsprint, because it feels like a pre-X-Files silver age page-turner.

Kristian Rossi (Artist) uses a subdued canvas to add depth to the issue. The world is dark and grey, it’s raining, and there is an overwhelming sense of hopelessness throughout the book. This is conveyed by the soft tones and almost colorless world being presented to us. The success of the story is easily supplemented by this top-notch work.

I really like what Ryan is doing with this book. I’m unsure why this is only a four-part series, because in a world where The Walking Dead has an unquenchable popularity, I can see where a comic like Trespasser would be able to thrive. This story seems to be sustainable for a long period of time.

(W) Justin M. Ryan (A/CA) Kristian Rossi

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