REVIEW: Trinity #10

The justice league watch tower has been taken over by an alien virus. Some of the team have been infected, some have been hurt badly and the rest are fighting to save them and the earth below.

Cyborg is dying, batman is trying to get him to an escape pod while the Flash is fighting off and infected Aquaman. This is not a good place to be. But Flash notices something in the fight, Aquaman is fighting the virus, he is holding back, trying to save his friend. Batman jumps in and hopes with his help the two of them can free Aquaman from this foe.

We find Wonder Woman and Superman talking to the Sentient being in the watch tower, telling him that they will not choose between the lives of their friends and the life of the human race. There must be another way of saving them all. Killing one to save another is not an option.

The Being tells them of his home world, at how they are a peaceful race of explorers. Then then encountered this alien virus and it changed them. They built weapons to destroy them but some escaped. This is why his ship was sent into open space with the virus so that he could destroy them and save his world but now after crashing into the watchtower his only option is to destroy it.

Superman and Wonder Woman do not accept this and head off to find another way.

The Flash knows if Batman stays to help him fight them Cyborg will die so he makes the chose to get them out of harm’s way, Batman isn’t happy but knows he needs to move to get Cyborg to safety but the ship has other ideas and as he blasts into another level of the ship he and his son get caught up in tentacles.  Batman is not happy.

Superman tries to slow down the watchtowers decent but out some infected justice leaguers to stop him. Wonder Woman makes the choice to try contact the virus but instead she gets infected too. This is not a good place to be for any of our heroes.

What will they do, how will they escape and will they be able to save their friends as well as the human race???

This is another power house comic by Manapul, the writing is fast paced and the illustrations are everything you would expect from this amazing series. 4.5 out of 5

(W) Francis Manapul (A/CA) Francis Manapul

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