Review: Trinity #11

Oh dear.  Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman have themselves a bit of a situation on their hands, that seems to have drawn in the rest of the Justice League.

Basically, there is a virus, an alien race, the threat of extinction and the problem of the Watchtower landing on a Lex Corp building.  Which is quite a lot of goings on for the sole reason of letting the readers know how each of the Trinity have each others backs.  Thing is, this is not a new revelation.  To mis-quote Perry White, “The Trinity are team that look out for each other?  What’s next? Water – wet!”

Francis Manapul is all over this book; writing, pencils and even throwing in a cover.  Herein, at least for me, lies the problem.  First off, I don’t generally have an issue with writer/artists.  Over the, course of comics history there have been any number of artists that have successfully transcended the panels and added the words; Frank Miller, John Byrne, Mike Mignola and depending on who you believe Jack Kirby.  Those on that list have created worlds.  Here Manapul is kind of just playing in the sandpit as the story encompasses the League and threatens to move the focus from the trio and turn the this into yet another League book.

Manapul’s art works well within the framework of the story, giving the threat a level of credibility that for once, doesn’t involve the oncoming darkness or not so cryptic warning of memory tampering.  Manapul certainly has the heroic frame and poses down which will no doubt please his fans.  Manapul is helped out by Scott Hanna and Scott Godlewski which may go to explain the variances between certain panels.  Colors are provided by Wil Quintana who delivers a solid job throughout.  One final element to mention, this book comes with a variant cover and you would do well to seek out the Bill Sienkiewicz one.

Francis Manapul does well as Trinity is a difficult book to get a read on.  At times, this book is about friendship, it’s about a greater plan with three different Trinity’s being tied together and other times it’s a defacto Justice League book.  Whilst Manapul may not breaking and new ground here, it is a great opportunity for him to earn his chops which will serve him well as his comic book star continues to rise.

Writing – 3 Stars

Art – 3 Stars

Colors – 3.5 Stars

Written / Art by; Francis Manapul
Art by; Scott Hanna & Scott Godlewski
Colors by; Wil Quintana
Published by; DC Comics

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