Writer: Daniel Way, Artist: John McCrea, publisher: Marvel

Let’s have a look at a knock off Deathstroke that has a movie coming out in February, so brace yourself for a metric shit tonne of Deathstroke knock off comics.

You can’t do music in a comic.

You can’t parody music in a comic.

Comics are well known for the sound effects that are yet, silent.

Thus the problem is apparent, when you are juggling this weird history of Deadpool with barely sequential panels and trying to recall the youtube hit Chocolate Rain the comic becomes a bigger mess than the titular characters face.

There’s no story, it’s just a walk through Deapool’s life according to him and it’s not even very funny, though there are a couple of moments where the pathos hits quite nicely, usually when you’ve managed to dislodge Hit Me Baby One More Time from your frontal cortex.

The art Is rough, the colours are dark and I can’t tell if the story telling is good because of the afore mentioned aspect, that there is no actual story. The effect is a a somewhat muddy portrayal of a character you have no idea if you should be liking or not, on any level.

One for the hardliners, if you are a casual fan of Deathstroke knock off then don’t bother.

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