REVIEW: Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #18


It’s better than Supergirl, it makes sense for a start but fuck me for a light-hearted book on a squirrel themed superhero it dragged like Douglas Barder nipping to the shop but forgetting those vital bits of kit. Oh and Squirrel Girl is a window licking moron. Her grasp of any given situation in this had me grinding my cats teeth because mine were already down to my gums. She’s not humorous “Inspector Clouseau” moron, she’s borderline unable to sit the correct way on a toilet thick.

The arts OK, line work, anatomy overall design all have a 90’s Indy charm but the colouring is flat and all done in a few shades of brown which frankly kills the book.

I’m sure the captions at the bottom would liven things up if they weren’t faded beyond my tablets ability to display them clearly.

It started so well but I lost all patience with this, doubly disappointing as I was hoping this would cheer me up after the Supergirl fiasco. I think I’ll just watch some atrocity porn instead. 0.2/5

Writer: Ryan North
Penciler: Erica Henderson
Cover Artist: Erica Henderson

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