REVIEW: Uncanny Avengers #6

This latest issue is like watching Quicksilver running on a treadmill, the story moves really quickly, but in the end… it doesn’t really get anywhere.

The first part of the issue is about Wrecking Crew member Wrecker (The one with the magic crowbar) getting out of prison and attacking the old Avenger’s mansion. Trouble is that the mansion has been turned into a Avenger’s themed hotel. While Wrecker goes about the business of hunting down the “real” Avengers, Deadpool and Quicksilver arrived to stop him. Leave it to Wade Wilson to put an end to the violence, not by a punch, but with a healthy bribe to get Wrecker to stop.

There are a few pages devoted to Synapse and the Inhuman Queen Medusa, who discuss Synapse future on the Inhuman island of Attilan. While there the pair are faced with the young mutant Hellion who has lost control of his powers after being exposed to the Terrigen Mists. We end the issue with Deadpool and Quicksilver exploring the basement of Avenger’s Manison. It’s revealed after the two heroes checked the basement for intruders that they were mentally tricked by Red Skull and Sin, who have set up a new HQ inside their old nemesis’ base.

I kept waiting for this issue to take off and really provide an exciting story, instead the last panel came and went and the book was done and nothing had really happened. The reveal of Red Skull at the end of the story lacks any punch as a similar reveal had been done in a recent issue. It just seemed like a unnecessary encore performance of a story that nobody cared about the first time.

story: Gerry Duggan
Art: Carlos Pacheco
Inks: Dave Meikis, Scott Hana, Mariano Taibo
Colors: Antonio Fabela, Richard Isanove
Letters: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Publisher: Marvel

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