Written by Al Ewing
Art by Alan Davis
Published by Marvel Comics

The Marvel universe is in flux. It’s either time travel type stories or out of the time stream stories. This title is the former.

In an effort to stop a future version of Ultron, a future version of Doom collects a number of Avengers from across the time stream. Their aim, stop Ultron from enslaving the human race….again.

The book is clearly meant to cash in on the recent movie but the protagonist is so far removed, especially with the twist at the beginning of the book, which in turn, leads into another twist later in the book. But, as a long-term reader, there are no twists. Not to sound harsh, but writer Al Ewing has it turn out that Doom cannot be trusted! Imagine my shock. I feel somewhat insulted reading  this book. It’s by the numbers and those numbers have been over used to the hilt.  There is nothing new or original anywhere in this chronological mess.

Alan Davis is on art duties and his work is exemplary. Clean lines, great poses, consistent facial work and where Davis goes, inker Mark Farmer follows. The two have an understanding that equals Lee and Williams. So why oh why are they working on such a redundant and tired book?

Whilst the Marvel Universe is destroyed in Secret Wars, books like this hang in a limbo, where conclusions have no bearing on future storylines, where the potential of “knowing to much of your personal future” actually has no repercussions. Sure, as a reader we suspend our sense of disbelief but in order to do that the creators of the story need to make it worth our time. This is where this book fails. It reads like a tired idea, coupled with tired dialogue with art that, as glorious as Davis is, doesn’t manage to provide enough quality to mitigate the rest of the tiredness.

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