REVIEW: Uncanny X-Men #2

Story: Cullen Bunn
Art: Greg Land, Jay Leisten
COLORS BY Nolan Woodard
LETTERS BY VC – Joe Caramagna

This latest team of X-Men hunt down a killer of mutant healers. Will the team make it in time before there is another full body bag?

This issue opens with Mystique posing as an employee at the Someday corporation. The same company that was trying to rip off mutants in the last issue. She is quickly discovered and has to fight her way to freedom. This was a nice action piece, but proved to be useless to the rest of the book, as Mystique’s motives and the details about the Someday Corp. are still under wraps.
Last issue we watched as Magneto turned away a group of newly released mutant prisoners, a move which proved to be deadly, as someone is hunting down and killing mutant healers.
We tag along as Psylocke and Mags, as they stop by the morgue to discover that one of the mutants that Magneto turned away has taken up a metal slab. The two X-Men debate who is responsible for the young mutant’s death, with Magneto claiming that it’s humanity’s hatred for mutants that has led to this. (Magneto peppered in his usual “This is just like the holocaust” comparison that we have come to expect from him at moments like this) Psylocke insists that it was Magneto’s fault for turning the young man away without giving him a place to go.

While the moral and ethical treatment of mutants is debated over, we cut to Sabretooth and M as they try to track down another healer before the killer(s) do. The fact that Creed is a Wolverine stand-in for this series is never more apparent than in this short scene. He’s driving fast, talking tough, and sniffing enemies… just like a short Canadian I know.
I have to admit, I like the pairing of Sabretooth and Monet. I’m interested in seeing this romance blossom. It’s starting off with a nice love/hate angle that I’m sure will bloom into doomed romance before long, but it’s nice to see some emotion from M, who has been stale for a while.

The last few pages reveal that it’s the Apocalypse-loving cronies, the Dark Riders, that have been hunting down mutant healers. They assassinate the young man who M and Sabretooth are trying to save and disappear before anyone has a chance to react.Their motives remain a mystery as the issue comes to a close.

I was underwhelmed with the debut issue of this series. (I’ve been a lapsed fan of the X-Men and I was hoping that this title would bring me back to the fold. It didn’t) I am trying to hang with this title to see if it improves, but there is no indication that change is on the way. This book remains middle of the road and that is the grade that it deserves.

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