Usually, when I start reading a story that has “part one” in the title, I’m looking for a nice jumping on point. A place to introduce myself to characters and learn about the world that has been created by the writer. Sadly, reading Underwinter: A field of Feathers-part one, I was unable to do this. The story was confusing. I’ve read it twice now, other than what is obviously displayed on the pages, I have no clue what is going on.

Writer, Artist, and Creator Ray Fawkes introduces us to a father who is driving cross-country to Louisiana with his two children, and he promises their mother will be there when they arrive. There is a second story about what looks like an investment firm, but seems to be a front for something sinister. A lady arrives there, presents a package and answers questions. She wants to leave, but is not allowed to. Did I mention there are several pages filled with singing birds? I have no idea why.

This comic appears to be setting up a horror story, but based on what was presented in the first issue, I’m unsure who or what the antagonist is. I’m sure this will unfold in upcoming issues, hopefully. Based on what was presented in this issue, I simply can’t provide any substantive analysis because as much as I try, I just don’t find it.

Artistically, the washed-out water-color style is interesting. I felt that it added a layer to the confusion, but it is certainly not something you see every day in comics and I really appreciate the unique vision it tries to convey.

Overall, I would expect the beginning of a storyline to present more for new readers. I was disappointed in the lack of clarity in this comic, but maybe if I knew more about the subject matter it would be different. Reading the first issue of a story arc however, it shouldn’t be such a puzzle.

Story / Art / Cover / Variant Cover: Ray Fawkes


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