REVIEW: Undisputed Street Fighter

I remember the first time I purchased a gaming magazine. It was 19-cough-cough and inside this issue were the tips and tricks on how to play this crazy looking fighting game called Street Fighter 2. Keep in mind kids, this was the age before the internet, where young intrepid gamers had to actually seek out information on your own and magazines were one of the sole sources of gaming inside information. I can still remember the first time I laid eyes on fan favorites Blanka, Guile, and E. Honda. This was something different. This was something special. I didn’t know it at the time but I had just met gaming icons that would stand the test of time; my first installment of a franchise that has become video game royalty.

This epic tome is jam-packed with more SF goodness than any fan could hope for. It is the “must-have” for any gaming fan’s library. It’s all here! The early days of the franchise, the rise of SF2, character bios, merchandise, inside lore, and 30 years’ worth of artwork! There is no stone left unturned or left out of Capcom’s flagship franchise.

Each character receives a full bio, a showcase of their signature moves, various art from the game and comics, and staple characters even get expert breakdowns of their effectiveness in tournament fighting. This collection covers everyone from well-known characters like Ryu to less popular characters like Eagle.

From the days of arcade cabinets to today’s latest DLC, this massive collection of Street Fighter goodness is a must for anyone who ever played the series. This is a love letter to the creators and fans and that love comes through on every page. A must own! 5 out of 5 Hadokens!

Undisputed Street Fighter
Author: Steve Hendershot
Publisher: Dynamite

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