REVIEW: Unity #13

Written by Matt Kindt
Art by CAFU
Colors by Brian Reber
Published by Valiant Entertainment LLC.

In this day and age, threats that are directed towards any country, or against humanity for that matter, are far too real. Confronting any danger with a solution that ensures the safety of the human race is perhaps one of the greatest challenges of all. This is why Unity was formed. Unity is the name of a top-secret superhuman team that was formed by U.S. and U.K. Intelligence to “quietly” diffuse any situation that might place the world in great peril.

Recently, both governments were put into a position where they had no choice but to publicly acknowledge the existence of their chosen defenders after the technologically advanced alien Armor Hunters arrived on Earth, killing countless people, all in search of the powerful armor worn by Aric Dacia, the X-O Manowar. The Armor Hunters were stopped; however, once the public became aware of Unity, other governments were not too pleased to learn that the U.S. and U.K. formed a super team, never mind seize all of the technology the defeated aliens left behind. Those countries chose to emulate the American and British initiative by starting a superhuman group of their own…The United.

Unity #13 will present you with the origins of each member of the United…Gang, Stock, The Myth and Ultimo.

This new answer to Unity is nothing to laugh at. Gang is a mentally unstable psiot, Stock is a computer hacker supreme, The Myth, well…the name speaks for itself, and Ultimo is a walking biochemical phenomenon with indefinite potential. What makes the United stand apart from other rival teams is that they were banded together because the countries sponsoring them felt that the formation of Unity was an abuse of power. In this issue, The United begin their sanctioned assault against the Unity team.

Matt Kindt got my full attention with his work on Rai. With the Unity run, I can easily say he is my favorite writer right now. His work is absolutely remarkable! When I read Mr. Kindt’s epic work on Unity, I’m instantly transported into the same room with the Unity team…not only do I feel as if I have become a part of their world, but I get that feeling that I belong in it. This issue is certainly no exception. The artwork by CAFU was great, particularly when it came to depicting the dark origins of the United team.

Unity #13 is a perfect opportunity to learn more about what goes on with Unity through the eyes of their newest member, Faith, while learning more about Unity’s newest rivals, The United.

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