REVIEW: Unmasked: Caddy Full Of Blood

G’Day Crusaders,

This is Dodgy86 in the mix bringing you Unmasked: Caddy Full of Blood by Christian Read and Marc Noble. Published by Gestalt Comics.

Here you meet the Bonnie and Clyde of a different kind, Frankenstein X and Baby-Doll Draculina as the writer describes as the inhuman fiends who trade murder for cheap thrills.

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After committing their thrills and carelessly causing havoc, Frankie-X and Baby-Doll Draculina roam in their trusted Goremobile which is running low on fuel. This vehicle does not run on gas, unleaded nor diesel… this vehicle is part demon and runs on blood.
Grizzard is their hope, he is the vampire who was responsible for turning Baby-Doll.

Is Grizzard to be trusted? Are the terrible twosome in a trusting mood?

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This is the Munsters meet Natural Born Killers!

This book is ridiculous!! It is very well written, Read does a great job of introducing two very odd characters and their violent ambitions. There’s a fine line of loving the characters as well as despising them at the same time. In addition the brief origin tales within the book helps expand the backstory, the are lots of unique looking monsters as well as some that look a bit like Universal Monsters which is very cool. Noble’s art helps display these super cool monsters, especially the splash pages are gorgeous, it’s highly detailed and consistent throughout.

There’s plenty of gore for horror fans! Do ya’self a favor and check it out!

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