REVIEW: Vampblade #1

Vampblade #1
Written and coloured by Jason Martin
Art by Winston Young
Letters by Adam Wollet
Published by Action Lab Comics
Review by Dawn of Comics

Let’s judge this book by its cover… Well it certainly catches the eye, but then that’s the intention of having a scantily clad women holding over sized blades. The art itself isn’t actually bad, the face work is done very well.

Katie Carva works in a comic store for a somewhat shady boss who store money from the wrong people, when they come a calling and kill her boss Katie grabs the replica Vampblades from their display to defend herself, turns out they just so happen to be the real deal and is instantly transformed into the 90’s comic heroine of the same name.
S&M superhero action ensues when she takes on more than the mobsters as she’s also attacked by space vampires.

Is this a book about female empowerment or simply male fantasies? Well I’m sure my opinions will upset quite a few people but they are just that, my opinions. First off the art is good, its details and playful style makes it easy on the eye, it’s just a shame it’s in this book. This book is an excuse to show off as much skin as possible and even ends with Katie completely naked.

One variant looks like this:


Yeah, that’s an actual cover.

There are no hidden themes or insightful learnings, it’s a naked woman cutting people up, if you’ve ever read Witchblade and thought ‘this could be skankier’ then this book is for you, maybe it’s meant to be a sillier version of Withblade, a satire on the ridiculous idea that a woman needs to be wearing next to nothing to sell books. Either way this isn’t a book I would read again, This book is for lonely men that only need to read with one hand. If they think all comic geeky guys care about is the female form they have some work to do and some growing up to do. This book has its place, that place in the top self next to the nudie mags and not a comic shelf.

For the art alone it gets 1 star from me.

Do you agree with my review? Comment below or find me on Twitter @DawnOfComics and let me know what you thought of this book.

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