STORY BY: Nancy A. Collins
ART BY: Patrick Berkenkotter
PUBLISHER: Dynamite Entertainment
RELEASE DATE: 05/21/2015

Vampirella has been around for quite some time, in various formats from horror story host, to Frank Frazetta cover model to eventually the recognisable version we have seen recently from Dynamite Comics. Such is the attention she commands she leads off the Swords of Sorrow tie-in books out this week.

The current book is in the middle of a long running arc but it’s been a while since I have read a Vampirella comic and sometimes, as a reviewer, I don’t have much choice of where in the storyline I see a book.

Vampirella is heading back to Transylvania to take her place as Queen of the Nosferatu, following her success in battle against her half brother Drago, the previous Lord.  Once home, she starts making enemies with her concern for both vampire and human. But in this case, a heroine more used to face-to-face battles than the subtle challenges of politics has her work cut out for her.

Nancy A. Collins is on hand with the continuing adventures and has been with Vampirella for some time now and the familiarity shows in the ease of reading.  Twists and turns are deftly handled and the plot simmers along nicely, waiting for Nancy to  bring the various elements to the boil and supply a satisfying conclusion.

Patrick Berkenkotter draws the comic in a solid manner.  There are no big art moments and in the same vein there isn’t a lot wrong either. The characters look like they are part of the story and Vampirella looks suitably curvaceous and sultry without falling into trashy trappings. Colourist Dinei Ribeiro does a great job throughout the book, whether it’s warehouses or  The creepy castles of vampire lore.

I have enjoyed my venture into Vampirella’s world.  I am glad to say that this book is more engaging that the Swords issue, which may be due to the constraints of the crossover format or even the fact this story is in full flow, rather than just starting out. Whatever the case, Vampirella is definitely going strong in her own book.

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