REVIEW: Vampirella Vol 3: #5

The first arc of the re-Vampi comes to its conclusion this issue, with the expected confrontation between Vampirella and Slade.

Vampi’s team of cohorts crash the party to aid their leader as Slade displays a high level of power.  Despite all their skill and individual powers, it takes an act of vampiric athleticism to really save the day.

Writer Kate Leth is finally to able to shed the unbreakable shackles of exposition.  As such this issue moves along at a fair pace, with each element of the team getting a little time in the spot light.  Admittedly, they don’t do a lot with their time but there are a couple of nice touches, especially towards the end as a couple of characters have an almost awakening moment about their feelings for each other, though I am glad that Leth is taking that twist slow.  Also impressive is the fun nature of the book. Leth imbues Vampi with flirty almost double entendre vocals, whether it’s talking to Slade or reviving her lover Tristin and calling him “Puppy”; this is definitely a welcome change of style.

Eman Casallos continues to impress with his art. Again, there seems an Alan Davis vibe in place, but this doesn’t dominate Casallos’ own style which shows heavy lines and great facial moments.  Panel selection is also much improved from last issue; this may be due to this being an action issue rather than a clunky talking piece.  Whatever the reason, the angels used for the panels is full of momentum, driving the story forward.  If there was any criticism, it would be that the panel that shows how Vampi turned the tide of the battle looks a little wonky, maybe out of perspective which detracts from the flow of the panels on that page.  Still this is a minor quibble.  The colors are by Vanetina Pinto who again is in excellent form.  Her colors work well with the look and the feel of the book.

The book is not perfect.  I still don’t like the covers and the new costume and I am a little bored of bloodsucking vampires that don’t kill. This isn’t Twilight! Still, ironically, this book seems to have come to life.  It’s as if this issue finally shows how fun Vampirella can be.

Writing – 3.5 Stars
Art – 4 Stars
Colors – 5 Stars

Publisher: D. E.
(W) Kate Leth (A) Eman Casallos (CA) Chrissie Zullo
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